As your management company we provide:


Invoicing, administration and company set up


Track all your certifications, WCB, safety tickets, and insurance.

Regular Pay

Always pay on time, twice a month. 15th and month end.


Plug into the current and upcoming projects and work hard to find the right fit for you.

Working for you

On behalf of Contract Professionals thank you for your interest in our company.

If you have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and are looking for a new opportunity please give us a call.

Contract Professionals is built on values of honesty and integrity. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect. We will actively market your skill set to the best clients in the business. We will help manage your relationship with the client so you can concentrate on what you do best; your job. Develop your career as we find you assignments that compliment your skill set.

People we are looking for:

  • Construction Managers
  • Chief Inspectors
  • Pipeline Inspectors
  • Facility Inspectors
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Inspectors
  • Welding Inspectors
  • Coating Inspectors
  • Safety Inspectors
  • Road & Lease Construction experts
  • Contract Administration and Personnel
  • Civil Inspectors
  • Environmental Inspectors
  • Integrity Dig Inspectors
  • Quality Assurance /Quality Control Inspectors

We're Looking for You

We are continually looking for top quality consultants to expand our team. Please feel free to submit your resume along with all your certifications, safety tickets, references and company information to:


Advantages of joining the Contract Pro team include:
  • Payment twice a month through direct deposit
  • Competitive industry rates
  • No safety registration fees: You are covered under Contract Professionals membership with ISNetworld and Complyworks
  • Regular monitoring of safety tickets, orientations, certifications, WCB and insurance - ensuring you are always covered and compliant.
  • No fees for client specific invoicing systems ex. Cortex or Open Invoice
  • Accounting and administrative support to ensure everything is correct
  • Personable and courteous support staff who are readily available to answer any questions
  • A diverse client base that ensures new opportunities when your current project wraps up