Our Clients

In our recruitment process we effectively:


Facilitate ongoing projects and subcontractor needs.


Tracking activities, documenting and communicating of all aspects of the hiring process.


Interview, evaluate and confirm qualified talent.


Coordinate and facilitate effective team development.

Professional Service

With over 75 years of industry experience the Contract Pro team has a thorough knowledge and understanding of oil and gas construction. Through effective communication with both the client and the consultant, Contract Professionals connects the best resources to each unique assignment.

Contract Pro is a pure play inspection company, that gives the client objective, qualified, unbiased services with no ties to engineering, operations, or internal client-company management.

Whether you require Construction Managers, Inspectors, or Technical Staff we have the expertise to source the qualified talent that you require.

Registered Employment Agency

Workers that are engaged through a registered third party placement agency fall under distinct rules and guidelines that govern their employment. As a licensed placement agency Contract Professionals can provide additional separation for a worker/subcontractor who may otherwise be viewed as a personal services contract.

Utilizing Contract Professionals eliminates the blurred lines that exist around the direction and supervision of a contract worker. Contract Professionals assumes all the responsibilities for administering the appropriate paperwork and insurance compliances regardless of the employment status of the worker. These employment agency rules allow the client to have full control over the worker with no risk of having an employer to employee relationship.

Contract Pro Philosophy

Fully understand our client’s needs, challenges, and successes; then offer service solutions that best complement the clients workforce, business needs, and culture.

Reduce Administration

We onboard candidates that our clients identify to us "Name Hires"; place them in a contract under special placement agency rules and assume all responsibilities for the payroll. This allows the client to have all workers under one supply contract resulting in reduced administration, reduced costs, and streamlined contract management.

HSE compliance